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Mission & Vision

To develop an all encompassing education learning solution using adaptive software, assessment, curated content and training to bridge the learning gap that exist in our education system for children at the bottom of the pyramid


To bring world class learning to every school by building innovative technology and tools.

The Problem

There is a huge achievement gap in the public education system all over the world specially in India where over 50% of the children reaching grade 5 do have know how to read or write. This leads to a huge dropout crisis and eventually to an unemployable member of modern society. To fix this issue, there have been several interventions using traditional teacher improvement programs, new pedagogical models, technology intervention etc, however very few of these interventions have managed to scale in a data driven approach. The fundamental issue is that the teaching economy is really bad with poor quality training and hence children who should be getting personalized attention end up with NO attention at all.

our Process

How we work with partners

Over the last 3 years we have worked with several partners both in schools, orphanages and foundations. We follow a very rigorous process to pick institutions where we can make the most impact to children at the same time ensuring sustainability of the projects.

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    We work with the local government, and area NGOs to identify schools and orphanages which could benefit from technology focused education programs. We only work with stakeholders who are invested in improving the quality of education of local children. Send our local manager to town School and orphanage background check Select 3 - 4 centers which are located in the same area in that country Define our goals and executing plan for that territory

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    We perform evaluations at the identified institutions to ensure they have the infrastructure and resources to support our project. School has physical space and functional computers for a lab Ensure that students and teachers have the bandwidth for a 10-week commitment to a Teach A CLass Lab pilot School can commit to one counterpart to shadow a facilitator Ensure that staff has the knowledge and resources to encourage student participation

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    Work with the educational institutions to deploy Education Micro-Clouds containing all the courseware in their computer facility. Identify the local educators who will be a part of our pilot program Isolate the grade level for the pilot program based on the teachers selected Conduct pre-assessment tests for participating students Get teachers involved in creating localized lessons

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    Lead By Example

    Teach A Class Hub manager trains and guides local teachers on how to use the educational resources on the Hotspot effectively. We take the first few classes and later shadow the teachers to provide feedback. Build capacity of local teachers Localize and if required, let teachers and students do it Design curricula and lesson plans Train local educators on our Learning Adaptive platform to create lesson presentations

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    Monitor & Support

    Hub manager will continue to monitor the project for a definitive time to understand the impact of the project on the teaching and the learning process Schedule weekly check-ins with the local teachers to check progress Work with teachers and our managers to create a schedule and log book for the students who are participating in the project Conduct post project analysis with the students and teachers

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    Ensure that the educational institution feels comfortable in using the newly introduced technology Use our student assessment tool to and evaluate students before and after the program Interact with teachers and students to gather feedback

our Team

Help us revolutionize education, Join Us !!

Board Members
  • Himani Sanghvi

    Teacher Trainer

    Himani Sanghvi is a journalist and a teacher. She is passionate about teaching young children and making positive changes to their lives in their foundational years. As a journalist, Himani has been an editorial intern at Seventeen India Magazine and at The Hindustan Times newspaper. She has a Bachelors in Mass Media degree with majors in journalism from Mumbai university. Himani loves reading, eating and is currently learning to read and write Urdu.

  • Ryan Rodrigues

    Director of Business Dev

    Ryan joins Zaya after spending the last three and a half years with the New York and Melbourne offices of the Boston Consulting Group (BCG). Ryan graduated from Yale University with a degree in Economics and was editor of the Yale Economic Review. Ryan will be starting an MBA at London Business School in the fall of 2014.

  • Neil Dsouza

    Software Engineer

    Neil loves technology, biking, swimming and travelling. Education has become one of his passions over the last 5 years after quitting the corporate world. He is a 2013 Echoing Green Fellow and Nasscom Social Innovation Awardee.

  • Tymen Crevels

    Chief Financial Officer

    Originally from Holland, Tymen has lived, studied and worked in places like Beirut, Lebanon; Vancouver, Canada; and San Francisco USA. He holds an MBA from the University of Colorado at Boulder and has 12 years of experience as a finance professional specializing in budget control in the high tech industry. Currently he manages the financials for a $475m annual revenue business unit at Cisco Systems. In his spare time Tymen hand-builds carbon fiber race bicycles and enjoys triathlons and golf.

  • Liz Miller

    HR Manager

    A unique blend of adventurer and hard-worker has provided Liz the opportunity to have traveled, worked, studied, and/or taught in 50 different countries on 5 continents. Liz now manages Volunteers and HR.

  • Gustaf Ericson


    Born in UK, Gustaf has spend most of his professional career in Banking and social sector. He started of as an Analyst in Barclays and eventually transitioned to Assitant Vice President of Capital Markets. After his stint in banking, he moved toward working with Social enterprises in India where he still plays an active role with an organization know as mPaani. Gustaf took over as CEO of Teachaclass in 2014 after he developed a strong interest in how technology can be used to solve some social problems in education. He spends his time between India and UK offices.

  • Simon Breakspear

    Founder, Nextgen Learning and Senior Associate at Pearson PLC

    Simon is recognised internationally as a leading thinking on the future of education and innovation for learning. He is currently a senior associate in the office of Sir Michael Barber, the chief education advisor at Pearson. He leads strategy for Pearson’s global research and innovation function, and also works as part of a global team that seeks to measure and improve the impact of Pearson’s products and services on learning outcomes.

  • Paul Kim

    Chief Technology Officer and Assistant Dean for Stanford University School of Education

    His courses focus on contextualized innovations in education, mobile empowerment design, and enterprising higher education systems. He is currently one of senior researchers for Programmable Open Mobile Internet, an NSF project to develop and evaluate ubiquitous wireless mobile computing and interactive systems for K-20 formal and informal learning and assessment scenarios. He is also working with numerous international organizations in developing mobile empowerment solutions for extremely underserved communities in developing countries.

  • Jen Bloomer

    Jen was the Program Director for the Bay Area at Spark and has years of experience on the ground with students and leading nonprofits. She is working very closely with the TAC team on program evaluation and implementation.

  • Jessie Arora

    Founder, Teacher Sqaure

    Jessie Arora, founder of Teacher Square, is passionate about cultivating the education startup ecosystem to help create tools and services that improve teaching and learning for all students. She is an angel investor, mainly focused on the education space, applying her experiences from Google, Citizen Schools & Stanford School of Ed. She blogs at and you can follow her @Jessie_Arora.

  • Leila Al-Muhtasib


    Leila is a Software Engineer at Cisco Systems. She was born and raised in the DC area. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from the University of Maryland.

  • Arun Ravi

    Chairman of the Board

    Arun is a senior management consultant in the healthcare vertical at Frost & Sullivan and brings in years of management experience to the Teach a Class Board.

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Discover a range of powerful assessment products that make student data accessible, meaningful and actionable for K–12.

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Open a new world of teaching and learning with 21st-century digital curriculum for K–12 mapped to all Boards.

our Awards

Echoing Green Fellowship 2013

NASSCOM Social Innovation Awards 2013

Global Education Award

FastCompany: Taking Online Learning in Wireless Routers

Google's Big Tent Event, New Delhi

TechSparks 2012 Finalist

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