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We’ve raised funds for our solutions this year and need your help for essential program support.**

We’ve raised funds for our solutions this year and need your help for essential program support.**


COST: INR 10,000
NEEDED: INR 5,000 

Tanveer’s students rarely get the opportunity to leave their community, but books could transport them to another world. The school lacks a library, so she’s hoping Pratham Books can give her students this boost and help them find joy in reading!



I teach English to 4th grade students at Radiance High School, Hyderabad. I was inspired by my teacher and chose to become a teacher myself. I strive to give back to society in the same way my teacher did- by using new and innovative resources in the classroom.

My students come from low-income communities and cannot access storybooks easily. The school also lacks a library, so students are deprived of something most children find joy in- reading! In a place where students don’t get the opportunity to leave their community, books will transport them to another dimension and widen their horizons. They will equip them with 21st century skills, and help my children learn things they never knew.

Pratham’s Library-in-a-Classroom will be a huge help to me and my students. Along with access and exposure, it will also build their knowledge and basic understanding of the English language and help improve reading levels too. The books are crafted according to reading level, rather than age group, so there is something for every child to read. With the variety of stories and topics the books cover, they will also spark creativity in my students.

You are aware of the monumental impact books have in one’s life, and today you can impact the lives of these students by supporting this campaign.

**Your donation will fund a program which helps teachers effectively use their new solutions in the classroom. Program support includes weekly calls, observations, feedback and troubleshooting advice.


Pratham’s Library-in-a-Classroom

Encouraging reading and improving literacy and language skills through compact a library