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piCards By 22bate7

A mobile app that helps teachers check for understanding and track real-time feedback in the classroom through QR codes

inClass Science Kit By Experifun

An innovative science kit with over 20 experiments that help teachers make science fun, interactive and memorable

Library-in-a-Classroom By Pratham

A compact set of 100 books in multiple languages. Books are sorted according to reading level to encourage children of all ages.


ClassCloud By Zaya

A personalized learning system that ensures teachers fulfill the potential of every student in their class

SchoolWiFi By Zaya

A wireless box with more than 3000 educational resources for teachers. Helps increase classroom interaction and student engagement.


Other solutions

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Teacher projects

If you have a great idea, we want to know. We’re funding 5 special projects for teachers. Tell us what you need and we’ll try and fund it! Contact us for more information.


Free resources

We source great training courses, videos, worksheets and apps on our Teacher Hub. Resources are updated every month - so check back in to find all new solutions!