Successful Learning for MMC’s Children

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COST: INR 55,000
NEEDED: INR 30,000 

Anju works with migrant children who live on construction sites and aims to provide them with a safe, happy and healthy childhood. Shifting populations mean some stay for only 3 months, so Anju wants to use the ClassCloud to help them learn at their own pace.

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The construction industry is the single largest employer of migrant laborers in urban India. Most of them live on construction sites with their children. While they are at work, their children are left to fend for themselves and frequently suffer from malnutrition, injury and illness. Anju Paniculam, Head of Programs at Mumbai Mobile Creches in Mumbai, works with migrant children on construction sites to provide them with a safe, happy and healthy childhood. 

At MMC’s education program, I have a clear goal. I wish to provide my students with the tools of successful learning. A single batch of my students stay with the program for just 3 months, so I employ a variety of educational aids, art and craft materials, songs and puppetry to engage my children. Apart from education of my children, I also focus on their nutrition, health and hygiene. I invest time in running community outreach program to involve parents and other stakeholders to maximize impact on my students.

I particularly want to work with the students who are weak in academics. By using the Personalized Learning Program, I will be able to fight this gap in education and slowly work on improving their grade levels.

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**Your donation will fund a program which helps teachers effectively use their new solutions in the classroom. Program support includes weekly calls, observations, feedback and troubleshooting advice.

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ClassCloud By Zaya

A personalized learning system that ensures teachers fulfill the potential of every student in their class