Do what you love, love what you do!

Learning with tablets in Guru Nanak School, Mumbai.jpg

Geeta Menon wasn’t someone who was pushed into becoming a teacher. She enjoyed teaching from the time she was young. She taught her classmates in college and even conducted tuition classes for them! Geeta decided to make her passion a profession by pursuing a degree in education. She now teaches Grades 1 to 6 at the Guru Nanak High School in Mumbai. 

When you speak to Geeta, it is very evident that she loves what she does. Her face lights up when she talks about her students and their achievements. 

Something that always worried Geeta, was the severe gap in the learning levels of her students. She’d notice that students from higher grades could not read an English text meant for a second grade student. Determined that she was going to change this, Geeta signed up for the Personalised Learning Programme with Teach A Class. This platform would allow Geeta to teach students at all levels in one class as students work individually on tablets. Geeta just steps in to help and address doubts whenever needed. Her students can move as quickly as they need and are only allowed to move on to the next topic or level once they have fully understood the current one.

Their path to learning wasn’t easy. Geeta noticed that students were unable to use the tabs as they couldn’t read basic instructions. Switching the tab on was another challenge. But she didn’t give up. She started teaching them very basic English that would help them understand instructions. Her students were receptive, soon picked up 2-3 letter words and finally start using the tabs themselves.

Once they understood what to do, students loved the tab classes! Their otherwise bored demeanour during “regular” classes changed to one of excitement and enthusiasm during their tab classes. Geeta was able to make her students fall in love with learning as they now run to class when they know that it’s time for her lesson!

Geeta put the words ‘Do what you love, and love what you do’ into action and changed the lives of her students. Her journey wasn’t an easy one, but her passion made her persevere and her students are getting better every day. .

Rachel Rao