An Opportunity For A Better Future!

We’ve raised funds for our solutions this year and need your help for essential program support.**

We’ve raised funds for our solutions this year and need your help for essential program support.**


COST: INR 10,000
NEEDED: INR 5,000 

Reema teaches students from rural and slum areas. She is trying everything in her power to educate these children and give them opportunities to build a better future. She wants to use piCards to increase student interaction and make learning fun!



I am a teacher at Sarthak Foundation in Lucknow. It is an NGO that provides children from slum and rural backgrounds a free education. I love teaching and teach students who are 5 to 13 years old. My students don't come from fortunate backgrounds and most of their parents are rag-pickers. 

Still, I am trying everything in my power to ensure that these children don't remain uneducated, and are given the opportunity to build a better future for themselves. 

While teaching my students English, I want to ensure that they have understood what I have taught them. To do this, I need to quickly assess them after every lesson, so I can clarify their doubts immediately. 

Which is why I thought of using piCards in my classroom. It is a quick feedback tool with which I can measure how many students have understood concepts, and plan future lessons accordingly. This will be extremely helpful, as I can save the time I spend manually checking assessments. I plan to use this time to plan better lessons, or conduct fun activities in my classroom. 

Reema needs your support. By donating to this campaign, you will help her use piCards and engage her students effectively!

**Your donation will fund a program which helps teachers effectively use their new solutions in the classroom. Program support includes weekly calls, observations, feedback and troubleshooting advice.



A mobile app that helps teachers check for understanding and track real-time feedback in the classroom

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