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We’ve raised funds for our solutions this year and need your help for essential program support.**

We’ve raised funds for our solutions this year and need your help for essential program support.**


COST: INR 10,000
NEEDED: INR 5,000 

Even though most of Zeenath’s students are weak in academics, she is determined to do everything in her power to push them to succeed. picards will help her track her students’ successes at every step.



I am a teacher at India Stars Grammar School in Hyderabad. It is a low-income private school for students from poor communities. I want to provide a quality education to my children, but my school lacks basic learning tools and amenities like science labs and libraries. But I still remain hopeful.

Even though most of my students fall in the bottom quartile I am determined to do everything in my power to pick them up and push them to succeed. I focus my energies most on students that struggle with academics and aren’t able to comprehend basic concepts. It is particularly difficult for many because of a lack of parental support, a gap in their education and other socioeconomic problems they face. 

By introducing new tools and technology in my classroom, I think that I can capture their interest, and piCards will help me do this. With a new assessment system, my bet is that students will be motivated to work hard and perform well. piCards will also simplify daily tasks like attendance and grading, leaving me with more time to plan and prepare for remedial learning. 

I am willing to improve my skills by trying out new things, and can definitely do it if I have your support!

**Your donation will fund a program which helps teachers effectively use their new solutions in the classroom. Program support includes weekly calls, observations, feedback and troubleshooting advice.


22bate7’s piCards

A mobile app that helps teachers check for understanding and track real-time feedback in the classroom