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We’ve raised funds for our solutions this year and need your help for essential program support.**

We’ve raised funds for our solutions this year and need your help for essential program support.**


COST: INR 10,000
NEEDED: INR 5,000 

Minhaj is on a mission to transform the lives of his students. He wants to open up paths that lead them to success and Pratham’s library will open up a whole world of possibilities!



‘Nothing but education defines the future of a person and the future of a nation.’

I am the Principal of As Suffa Grammar School in Hyderabad. I am determined to prove that education is the key to build oneself as well as the nation. As my children come from extremely poor backgrounds, I am on a mission to transform and discipline my students and open many paths to success for them. 

Most of my students speak Urdu at home and are afraid of conversing in English. This further hinders their mastery of the language, and can be an obstacle to their future. Pratham’s Library-in-a-Classroom will bring a portable, fun library to As Suffa, which does not have the funds or infrastructure to build a library.

Instead of age, these books are categorized according to reading levels. This can help Minhaj select the right books and help his students gauge their own level of fluency in a non-judgmental manner. Moreover, Pratham books are richly-illustrated with contextual stories. This is sure to attract students to pick up the books and attempt to read them. Slowly, this will help improve their reading levels and comprehension skills, and thus their performance in other subjects as well. 

I need your support. Contribute to this campaign to build future leaders of the country!

**Your donation will fund a program which helps teachers effectively use their new solutions in the classroom. Program support includes weekly calls, observations, feedback and troubleshooting advice.

Pratham’s Library-in-a-Classroom

Encouraging reading and improving literacy and language skills through compact a library