Reading - The Key To Learning

We’ve raised funds for our solutions this year and need your help for essential program support.**

We’ve raised funds for our solutions this year and need your help for essential program support.**


COST: INR 10,000
NEEDED: INR 5,000 

Books are what Shalini needs to change the reality of her students. She wants to encourage the habit of reading through Pratham’s library.



II am a teacher at Sarthak Foundation. It’s an NGO in Lucknow which works with children from slums and villages. Sarthak Foundation wants to create a world filled with laughter and joy for its children while educating them - we’re on a mission to educate children who would otherwise be left behind.

I have been teaching for 4 years, and love what I do. My favorite part about teaching  is the interactions I share with my students. I teach English to children ranging from 5 to 15 years and notice a common struggle amongst them. My students lack skills in the English language and struggle a lot because they have very limited material to study from. Coupled with being first generation learners, this is a major hindrance to their future development. 

I think books will change their reality. I want to make my students active and aware by inculcating the habit of reading in them. With Pratham’s Library-in-a-Classroom, I will be able to provide attractive reading material to my students and it will be easier to get them to love reading as the books are broken down according to reading levels. 

Books will show Shalini’s students a new world. Bring this new world to them by contributing to this campaign.

**Your donation will fund a program which helps teachers effectively use their new solutions in the classroom. Program support includes weekly calls, observations, feedback and troubleshooting advice.

Pratham’s Library-in-a-Classroom

Encouraging reading and improving literacy and language skills through compact a library