Our Mission

At Teach A Class we aspire to empower teachers. We will do this by building a marketplace that supports the entrepreneurship, solutions and innovations teachers need.

Our Approach


Designed to listen

We listen to what teachers need: Ranging from tools and support, to coaching. Unlike other interventions that are push, we believe that teachers can produce most changes and innovations.


Scaffolded interventions

We offer scaffolded interventions. Technology and the pace of innovation has complicated an already unfamiliar digital landscape. We understand this and support teachers while they adapt to and become proficient with an innovation.


Communities who care

We will cultivate a community of people who care. We believe people care and want to lend their support. We aim to build a platform that makes it easy and transparent for everyday citizens to support a teacher.

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Tailored solutions

Solutions are offered with the teacher in mind: One size does not fit all – we believe it’s going to take more than one solution to meet the needs of different teachers. We will offer teachers solutions that align to their specific challenges.


Invest in a teacher today